The AZ Home Lawyers can help you with foreclosure, short sales, landlord/tenant issues, HOA disputes and all real estate legal problems.

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Choosing between Short Sale and Bankruptcy?

Let the attorneys at Frutkin Law help you determine which course has the best outcome for you. Contactus today.

Short Sales vs Foreclosures

Short Sales v Foreclosures in Arizona

Foreclosure and Short Sale Law Firm Phoenix, Arizona

The Frutkin Law Firm, PLC is recognized for its representation of Arizona homeowners. Whether you are facing a foreclosure, considering a short sale, in a dispute with your homeowners association or involved in landlord/tenant issues, we have the know-how to protect your legal rights.

Arizona Foreclosure Law

The attorneys of Frutkin Law have extensive experience with the Arizona anti-deficiency statutes that affect Arizona homeowners in foreclosure. Our lawyers provide discounted foreclosure consultations to help you assess your liability prior to foreclosure. We also negotiate with lenders to resolve any liability that remains.

Arizona Short Sale Law

Frutkin Law offers an online course for homeowners facing short sale. The firm also makes available a discounted consultation hour as well as an opportunity to have your short sale approval letter reviewed by a real estate attorney at reasonable fees.

Our real estate attorneys in Phoenix and North Scottsdale are available to discuss your situation.  We can also provide bankruptcy representation when necessary.  Visit for more information.


The Frutkin Law Firm, PLC offers foreclosure and short sale legal advice for the entire state of Arizona. Offices are located in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Call 602-606-9300 to reach our Phoenix Homeowner hotline or use our convenient online contact form.